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Vereinigung der Freunde des Bach-Archivs Leipzig e.V.
c/o Bach-Archiv Leipzig
Postfach 101349
D-04013 Leipzig
Phone: +49-(0)341-96278920
E-Mail: freunde(at)

Opening time of the office
Haus der Kirche
Burgstr. 1-5, 2nd floor, Room 217
D-04109 Leipzig
Tuesday & Thursday 10am-3pm

The Association

Without the aid of private patrons, the Leipzig Bach Archive would not be what it is today: an international centre of research and study and, with the Bach Museum, a hub of attraction for music-lovers from all over the world. The Friends of the Leipzig Bach Archive support the Archive’s goals and actively assist it in its work.

You can view the Articles of Association here (pdf/21KB).

You can view our current flyer here (pdf/2MB).

What do the Friends of the Leipzig Bach Archive do?

The purpose of the Association is to support the work of the Leipzig Bach Archive, the only institution in the world which has set itself the permanent task of collecting, conserving and indexing the musical, documentary and literary material on Johann Sebastian Bach, his family and his circle with the aim of exhaustiveness, and which serves a wide audience with its research, library, museum and events.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee members are Hanns-Martin Schreiber (Chairman), Markus Schubert (Vice-Chairman), Kai-Niclas Rauscher (Treasurer) and Prof. Gerald Fauth (Leipzig University of Music and Theatre, Member).

More about Bach? Bach-Magazin (available in German only)!

Bach’s music is known the world over! You can read a host of interesting and exciting news and reports all about Bach in the twice-yearly Bach-Magazin (available in German only). It presents the latest research findings, portraits of outstanding figures from the world of music, reviews of new recordings and much more besides. Friends of the Leipzig Bach Archive automatically receive Bach-Magazin, delivered free of charge to their homes, as part of their membership.

Funded projects

International Bach-Competition
Bust of Bach, made with the original plaster cast by sculptor Hermann Knaur (1843)
Ernst Ludwig Gerber, “Historical and Biographical Encyclopaedia for Composers”
Scheffler, Joachim Ernst: View of Leipzig from the South-east and Six views of Buildings



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Contact details

Friends of the Bach Archive
Office in “Haus der Kirche”
Burgstraße 1-5
D-04109 Leipzig

Tel.: +49-(0)341-96278920
Mail: freunde(at)

Opening times of our office in “Haus der Kirche”
Tuesday, 10am-3pm
Thursday, 10am-3pm

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