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Vereinigung der Freunde des Bach-Archivs Leipzig e.V.
c/o Bach-Archiv Leipzig
Postfach 101349
D-04013 Leipzig
Phone: +49-(0)341-96278920
E-Mail: freunde(at)

Opening time of the office
Haus der Kirche
Burgstr. 1-5, 2nd floor, Room 217
D-04109 Leipzig
Tuesday & Thursday 10am-3pm

American Friends of the Leipzig Bach Archive, Inc.

The American Friends of the Leipzig Bach Archive, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation created to provide support for the Bach Archive in Leipzig, Germany, the world’s premier research institute and center dedicated to Bach studies.

The Bach Archive* comprises a research institute and library with a unique collection of original manuscripts, documents, and rare books that attracts scholars and musicians from around the world. It also features a Bach Museum with a permanent exhibition on the life and works of Johann Sebastian Bach and the Bach family of musicians, special exhibitions with changing themes, and educational programs for students of all ages. The Bach Archive is an important cultural ambassador for the City of Leipzig and, on the city’s behalf, organizes the annual Bachfest in June that features the world’s most outstanding Bach interpreters. It is also in charge of the International Bach Competition for outstanding young talents from all over the world as well as Bach Master Courses taught by internationally recognized performers.

The Bach Archive is a non-profit foundation and receives its primary financial support from the Federal Republic of Germany, the Free State of Saxony, and the City of Leipzig. American aficionados of Bach’s music and music lovers from around the globe have long recognized the importance of the original sites in Leipzig where Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750) lived and worked as Cantor at St. Thomas and Music Director of the City of Leipzig for the last 27 years of his life and where he created some of his most important works, including the St. Matthew Passion, the B-Minor Mass, and the Art of Fugue.

Over the years, American friends have joined the “Vereinigung der Freunde des Bach-Archivs Leipzig” (Association of the Friends of the Leipzig Bach Archive) — the German counterpart of the American Friends of the Leipzig Bach Archive — and have played a major role in supporting and sustaining the varied activities of the Archive. In particular, they contributed significantly to the 2008–10 renovation and expansion of its home on St. Thomas Square, the historic Bosehaus formerly owned by the merchant Georg Heinrich Bose that was frequented by Bach.  


The mission of American Friends of the Leipzig Bach Archive is to help underwrite the Bach Archive’s numerous scholarly, educational, musical, and cultural projects as well as to support an endowment fund for the financial stability and future of its library and museum collections. The American Bach Friends also seek to expand their commitment to the Bach Archive. Funds raised by them enable the Bach Archive to initiate new projects, strengthen existing programs, and maintain its high standard of scholarly and musical excellence without placing a financial burden on its budget or compromising its long-term stability. The American Friends of the Leipzig Bach Archive, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Board of Directors
Dr. Mary J. Greer, President
Mark Knoll, Secretary-Treasurer
Prof. Robert Levin
Dr. George B. Stauffer
Dr. Andrew Talle
Prof. Dr. Christoph Wolff

Mailing address
PO Box 380099
Cambridge, MA 02138

*Legal name
Bach-Archiv Leipzig
an der Universität Leipzig
Stiftung bürgerlichen Rechts
Thomaskirchhof 15/16
04109 Leipzig

Funded projects

International Bach-Competition
Bust of Bach, made with the original plaster cast by sculptor Hermann Knaur (1843)
Ernst Ludwig Gerber, “Historical and Biographical Encyclopaedia for Composers”
Scheffler, Joachim Ernst: View of Leipzig from the South-east and Six views of Buildings



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Friends of the Bach Archive
Office in “Haus der Kirche”
Burgstraße 1-5
D-04109 Leipzig

Tel.: +49-(0)341-96278920
Mail: freunde(at)

Opening times of our office in “Haus der Kirche”
Tuesday, 10am-3pm
Thursday, 10am-3pm

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