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Vereinigung der Freunde des Bach-Archivs Leipzig e.V.
c/o Bach-Archiv Leipzig
Postfach 101349
D-04013 Leipzig
Phone: +49-(0)341-96278920
E-Mail: freunde(at)

Opening time of the office
Haus der Kirche
Burgstr. 1-5, 2nd floor, Room 217
D-04109 Leipzig
Tuesday & Thursday 10am-3pm

Your support

You can support the Leipzig Bach Archive in all kinds of ways. Besides becoming a member of the Friends of the Leipzig Bach Archive, you can also give a donation or become a book sponsor. Here are the options open to our patrons and supporters:

  • Regular membership of the Friends of the Leipzig Bach Archive
    • Junior Member up to 25 years of age (EUR20/year)
    • Basic Member (EUR50/year)
    • Regular Member or Married Couple/Partners (EUR150/year)
  • Special membership of the Friends of the Leipzig Bach Archive
    • Patron of the Bach Archive (from EUR150/year)
    • Donor (from EUR500/year)
  • Direct donations to the Bach Archive  
    • To account number 2043818 at Commerzbank Leipzig (sort code 860 400 00)
  • Book sponsorship

Funded projects

International Bach-Competition
Bust of Bach, made with the original plaster cast by sculptor Hermann Knaur (1843)
Ernst Ludwig Gerber, “Historical and Biographical Encyclopaedia for Composers”
Scheffler, Joachim Ernst: View of Leipzig from the South-east and Six views of Buildings



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Contact details

Friends of the Bach Archive
Office in “Haus der Kirche”
Burgstraße 1-5
D-04109 Leipzig

Tel.: +49-(0)341-96278920
Mail: freunde(at)

Opening times of our office in “Haus der Kirche”
Tuesday, 10am-3pm
Thursday, 10am-3pm

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