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Vereinigung der Freunde des Bach-Archivs Leipzig e.V.
c/o Bach-Archiv Leipzig
Postfach 101349
D-04013 Leipzig
Phone: +49-(0)341-96278920
E-Mail: freunde(at)

Opening time of the office
Haus der Kirche
Burgstr. 1-5, 2nd floor, Room 217
D-04109 Leipzig
Tuesday & Thursday 10am-3pm

Sponsoring of the audience award at the International Bach-Competition 2022

As the friends’ association of the Bach Archive we are supporting the cultural and musical education of kids and adolescents for many years by contributions and donations, e.g. through the financing of two pedagogical personnel at the Bach-Museum. This year we want to go beyond and support young musicians from around the world, who are attending the International Bach-Competition from July 12 until July 23 2022 and who committed themselves to the piano, the cembalo or the violin respectively the baroque violin. Everyone got the same goal, to finish within the first three, to call oneself: Bach-Awardee. 

Our circle of friends resolves to sponsor the audience-award of all three professions with 500 Euros each. To raise the total amount of 1500 Euro, we are going to ask you, to send an amount of your choice to the below-mentioned account for donations. Each Euro is welcome and helps us, to reach our goal of the fundraiser.

You got the chance, to support three young musicians. In addition to that, the audience award offers you the opportunity to decide on the awardees.

Account for donations:
Commerzbank Leipzig
IBAN: DE 79 8604 0000 0204 3818 00

Key word: Bachwettbewerb 2022

Thank you so much for the support.

Our friends’ association is charitable and is able to make out a donation receipt.

Funded projects

International Bach-Competition
Bust of Bach, made with the original plaster cast by sculptor Hermann Knaur (1843)
Ernst Ludwig Gerber, “Historical and Biographical Encyclopaedia for Composers”
Scheffler, Joachim Ernst: View of Leipzig from the South-east and Six views of Buildings



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Contact details

Friends of the Bach Archive
Office in “Haus der Kirche”
Burgstraße 1-5
D-04109 Leipzig

Tel.: +49-(0)341-96278920
Mail: freunde(at)

Opening times of our office in “Haus der Kirche”
Tuesday, 10am-3pm
Thursday, 10am-3pm

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